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Monday, April 6, 2020   /   by Jodie Steele

Cleaning Household Appliances

For some people, cleaning is as natural as walking and breathing. But for the rest of us, it takes effort and probably some knowledge that we’re currently lacking. After all, it’s not such a big deal to clean a microwave, but for some reason it feels like it takes forever. Without further ado, here’s how to clean basically everything useful in your kitchen.

Pre-prep Work: Put a coffee mug or small bowl full of water and slices of lemon in the center and run the microwave on high for about three minutes, or until the liquid is turning to steam. This will help soften food splatter and the lemon smells nice. You can also use other citrus fruits or forego it entirely and use a drop of dish soap.
Break It Down: Take out the turntable and anything else that will come loose. Toss these parts in the dishwasher and run it. Or wait if you have other stuff to stick in there and make it a full load.
The Nitty Gritty: Wipe down the walls of the mic. ...

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Sunday, March 22, 2020   /   by Jodie Steele

House Plants That Clean Indoor Air

If you’re anything like me it’s nearly impossible to keep a plant alive, however, there are some major benefits by having these plants in your home. All the plants below are proven to clean your home’s air quality and brighten up your space at the same time. Read on for some care tips and interesting facts for each plant.

Aloe Vera. This stemless plant growing to 60-100 cm tall can also be used for medical purposes such as minor scrapes and burns. Wouldn’t that be handy to have in your home?

Areca Palm. These big, bold plants command attention of the room. The care of Areca palms isn’t too difficult either. Water them often enough to keep the soil lightly moist in spring and summer, and allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings in fall and winter.
Baby Rubber. Their large cupped leathery leaves can absorb airborne chemicals and break them down, rendering them harmless. Be sure to give these plants bright light and a lot of it! Watering needs . ...

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Friday, March 13, 2020   /   by Jodie Steele

What You Need to Know About Cleaning for Coronavirus

There has been a significant amount of concern raised recently about COVID-19, a relatively recently discovered disease caused by a type of virus known as a coronavirus. A lot is still unknown about the virus and the disease that it causes, and this is causing some people a great deal of anxiety about it. Major conferences and events are being canceled, people are buying up supplies (even if they shouldn’t), and the internet is filled with memes teaching people how to wash their hands.

COVID-19 has the potential to be a serious illness. Here’s some info that can help you to protect yourself, especially if you’re confused by some of the contradicting advice that you might have seen online.

What Is COVID-19?
Even though it’s mostly referred to simply as “coronavirus”, the virus that causes COVID-19 is actually a novel coronavirus that’s been designated “SARS-CoV-2” and sometimes referred to as “2019-. ...

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